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Friday, 15 April 2011

The Hidden Door Club

If you happen to find yourself in London - check out the Hidden Door Club (Based in Camden at the Elixir Bar). Loads of 60s underground/garage/psyche/beat goodness. First friday of the month - be there or be everso slightly cuboid!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Surf Me Up, Scotty - Surf Now, Apocalypse Later

Probably my fave album by Luxembourg's best garage surf band. Lots of cover versions (inc. a Pixie's number - Cecilia Ann) and some self-penned numbers (a re-working of an older track - Desperado On The Beach). All in all good stuff!


1. Surfing With Sharks
2. South Of The Border
3. Moonshine Runner
4. Cecilia Ann
5. Downhill Madness
6. The Victor
7. Horror On Party Beach
8. Backseat Ballad
9. Bombora
10. Desperado On The Beach
11. Shrunken Head Stomp
12. Extra OC Life

Apocalypse Now!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Music

I was sent an album by a reader and am posting it for everyone. The Band/artists name is Swilson and the albums called 'Demonology' and I enjoyed it very much - it's got a bit of everything, some garagey bits, some whacked out psychedelic bits and some acoustic songs (even spotted a Hammond organ at one point). It's very lo-fi (which is a good thing!) and on the whole sounded like a love-child of Daniel Johnston and The Bevis Frond (again, a very good thing!). Swilson mentioned that he is saving his hard-earned to get the album pressed, so if you like the mp3s, then keep an eye out and get the vinyl.

The download link is here

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Rip Offs - Got A Record

More garagey, punky, trashy stuff, this time from the nineties. They didn't record a great deal but what they did was raw and uncompromising - great stuff!


1. Heat Seeker

2. Rip Your Heart Out

3. Fed Up

4. Cops

5. My Baby Yeah

6. Can't Take It

7. Baby Let Go

8. Zodiac

9. Can't Stop

10. Dolemite

11. Ugly

12. Shadow

13. What's In It For Me

14. She Said Yeah

What A Rip Off!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sugar Shack - Shotgun For Two

This is a real forgotten, and overlooked, classic from the nineties. Sugar Shack hailed from Texas and knocked out some real good punky garage trash.


1. Steppin' Around

2. Leave It Alone

3. Fun, Fun, Fun...My Ass

4. When Yer Not Doin' Me

5. Not 21

6. Just That Way

7. Sonic Sally

8. She No Good

9. Yeah, You'll Me Mine

10. Had, Had You

11. The Mike Gunn Room

12. Let's Go To The Beach


Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm Back!!

After a long hiatus I've decided to re-start The Mystery Plane. I'll post some goodies later on, but in the meantime...any requests?!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rodriguez - Rodriguez

Don't know a lot about Rodriguez - dunno whether it's one bloke or a band (anyone know anything then let me know please!). I had a couple of tracks on a homemade comp and then picked up this CD last year sometime and ..IT ROCKS!!! Full of crunching garage rock'n'roll - it lived in my car CD player for weeks!!!


1. Lovekiller
2. Bad To The Bone
3. Speak To Me
4. Twisted Eyes
5. Get Dirty
6. Sometimes You Bleed
7. Female Catastrophe
8. I Think This Is A Real Dogfight
9. Friday Party Night
10. No Fun
11. Jet...OK!
12. T.V. Boy
13. Baby Cocaina